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Server Information

General Information
Server Name: RealOTS 7.7
Server Address:
Port: 7171


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Server Type:

Real Map

Players: 0 (2) / 1000
PvP Type:


Owner: GM Fluppix
Added by: Olddies
Added: September 29, 2018 - 04:47:35
Server Version: The Forgotten Server 0.4_SVN
Monsters: 22091
Server Status:


Last Wipe: This server has never wiped or the server owner haven't edited this information yet.

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  • Storyline:
  • We have gotten our hands onto something very special, a copy of the pure retro 2005 Tibia files, the copy itself is exactly as Tibia was in 2005 with some custom changes to the server.
  • We have decided to add a few new features such as increased experience rate . This one of the first server in a few years which is based on the CipSoft files which will include something very special as you will have to read in the server features.
  • You will notice a huge difference between a 7.7 OT and this one, since not only does the NPCs and monsters behave totally different, our NPCs also answers to all "hidden" keywords such as excail bug. Our server also has a lot of mysterious things such as Sword of the Fury in Rookgaard and a lot more myserious quests are existing.
  • We will have weekly PvP tournaments where x amounts guilds will be able to pay-in and win a treble price of what they pay together to get the ticket into the tournament.

23-11-2018, 19:00:
Welcome to the Demonia 7.4!

20-11-2018, 06:45:
Welcome to The Forgotten Server!

18-11-2018, 16:15:
Welcome to the Demonia 7.4!

31-10-2018, 02:00:
Welcome to RealOTS

29-09-2018, 04:47:
Welcome to RealOts

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