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Server Information

General Information
Server Name: Elythia
Server Address:
Port: 7171


Download 7.1 client

Server Type:

Real Map

Players: 1 / 1000 (24)
PvP Type:


Owner: Furion
Added by: Tommy91
Added: September 21, 2018 - 10:35:39
Server Version: OTX Server 3
Monsters: 72975
Server Status:


Last Wipe: This server has never wiped or the server owner haven't edited this information yet.

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Hey, Adventurer! You! Yes, YOU!
Are you looking for a place full of epic adventures?
A place, where you will look danger in the eye and hopefully emerge victorious?
A place, full of friends and enemies... waiting for you?
A place - one and only - you can call your own?
Then your search is over! Welcome to - ELYTHIA! - but be not mistaken, for your adventure is just to begin..
Join us, and make the world tremble upon hearing your name.
Join us.. and write your name in the cornerstone of history.

Elythia is long term server with awesome community and helpful, active staff members. There is no place for botters and cheaters, 0ur community are people playing for fun. We don't have donate shop, so don't worry about someone being better just because he spent some $$$ on server.

General Information

IP/Website -
Protocol - 10.99
If you don't want to use IP changer, you can download custom client from website
Server is located in Sweden, Stockholm
Real map with custom elements

21-09-2018, 10:35:
Welcome to Elythia!

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