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Server Information

General Information
Server Name: Septera Highrate 7.x
Server Address:
Port: 7171


Download 7.72 client

Server Type:

Real Map

Players: 0 / Infinite (23)
PvP Type:


Added by: Tinkz
Added: April 08, 2018 - 17:36:40
Server Version: Septera 3.5
Monsters: 23323
Server Status:


Last Wipe: This server has never wiped or the server owner haven't edited this information yet.

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Septera Highrate launches tonight at 19:00 CET
1 level to 10 level: 20x11 level to 20 level: 15x21 level to 40 level: 10x41 level to 60 level: 8x61 Level to 80 Level: 6x81 Level to 100 Level: 4x101 level to infinite level: 3x
Frag System 
Free AccountRed skull: 6 kills in a day (10 in a week and 20 in a month) and double for ban.
Premium AccountRed skull: 9 kills in a day (13 in a week and 23 in a month) and double for ban.
Deathloss: Real Oldschool System with promotion and blessings for reductionBlessing System: Blessings available in Thais, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Edron and Kazordoon (With Phoenix Egg system)Skills: 8xMagic: 3x (With regen it's total of 7x)Regen: 4x Loot: 3x with increased gold drops7.4 balancing - Spellcosts, magic level to use spells
No Wands/Rods available for playersAll Quests and Scripts - Including Paradox Tower, Serpentine and Spike SwordCorrect damage formulas (Including real minimum values for low and high levels preventing high levels from poofing and hitting low numbers)

Premium System: Purchasing premium gives you a scroll that gives you 7 or 30 days. Benefits of premium is 5% extra experience, three kills extra before red skull, the ability to buy houses and premium outfits.Free account players can use all spells, buy promotions and travel by boats exactly like premium account.The spawn rate is set to a higher population as standard, and gets increasingly faster with more players online.

08-04-2018, 17:36:
Welcome to Septera

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